What is Orosign?

The Leading Provider of MPC Mobile Wallet

For the first time, users are now able to take advantage of the highest security feature similar to that of a cold wallet while experiencing flexibility and convenience of the mobile app at minimal cost.

Additionally, you can customize the smart contract to meet your demands, ensuring asset security and safety at all times.

If Web2 reaches its height with the social media account as the means to get access to all assets on the Internet; along with the bloom of Web3 applications, the wallet will act as the pass for the new generation.

Orosign is a Self-Managing Mobile App For Digital Assets and NFTs that suits all demands for Web3 applications.

As the interface of the Orochi Ecosystem, Orosign allows users to interact with all applications on the Orochi Computation Layer and empowers customers to organize and manage their digital assets.

Why Orosign

Multisig for semi-retail users

  • Multisig option enables co-ownership for small groups with limited financial resources. As the asset needs the majority of the holders to approve for all transactions, this feature increases the security and transparency among team members. 
  • Off-chain signing and verification for all signing processes. All proofs are verified independently with secp256k1, which is the most widely used elliptic curve in the blockchain space, thanks to its 256 bits security level. Thus, the fund is safe as long as the majority of private keys are safe. 
  • Pay-as-you-go model for a group of a minimum of two and up to 20 people.
  • Friendly UI/UX similar to the normal single-use wallet.


All private keys are not recorded for both singular usage or multisig wallets Migrate simply with a few clicks of private phrases.

High Customizability

High Customizability

Choose the number of voters, signers and threshold for each multisig project Notification for all activities for in-time actions.

NFT & games optimization

NFT & games optimization

Automatic showcase for all NFT collectibles without the need to import In-app game introduction according to customer’s taste.



Suitable for both single player or team player Available for white label solution.

Who should use Orosign?



(VCs, gameguild, gamefi founding team, communities, DAOs): Non-tech savvy SMEs with co-ownership demand can benefit from Orosign by utilizing auto vesting function along with multisig feature to preserve the funds trustlessly and securely. 


L1, L2 foundations

Orosign can act as an extended arm for user acquisition and community bridge by combining different customer segmentations together with marketing-oriented activities to convert them to other foundations. 


Custodial partners

With our white label solution, the partners can inherit the multisig wallet instantly with highly customizable interface, utilize current partnership and marketing collaboration in-app and hence, save immeasurable resources from building one from scratch.

Orosign Wallet

Manage all digital assets safely and securely from your mobile devices

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