What is Orand?

Orand is an Elliptic Curve Verifiable Random Function (ECVRF: https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/draft-irtf-cfrg-vrf-05) as a service that offers high performance, zero latency and 30 times lower cost than current providers. Orand offers on-chain verification and pseudorandom for projects that seek integrity and transparency in their features with a wide variety of case studies from card games and MMORPG to NFT collectibles.

Unique Features



A distributed system with many participants/nodes will join to generate randomness by using Multi Party Computation (MPC).



An ECVRF performs on input the previous randomness and it also requires half of participants to join the process.

High throughput

High throughput

Game server could request randomness from the Orand system. The result will be provided as soon as half of participants participate in the protocol.

Fault Proof

Fault Proof

If the game server tries to delay the feeding process to manipulate the result, a fault proof will be committed to sue the game server. If the Orand team commits a wrong result a penalty will be applied for Orochi Network and its alliances.

Cheap and secure randomness

Cheap and secure randomness

The cost for each randomness query starts from 0.05 USD to free for trial



All EVM-compatible blockchains can be supported

Why is Orand important to your project

  • Protect the project from manipulation and hack that can change the outcome of the results
  • Provide trustless randomness to increase prestige among the community
  • Free trial available for all project with negotiated terms and condition
  • Still not convincing? Try a demo with our dice game here to understand the difference of true randomness:https://orand-testnet.orochi.network/

Who should use Orand?


Card games

Any games that require luck or chance to win will greatly benefit from Orand, bringing the peace of mind to the users that their experience is 100% fair and square.


MMORPG / Open world mechanism

Item drop rate will not be predictable among players regardless of their spending in the game.


Airdrop / web3 marketing platforms

The true "randomness" will be brought by the third party to resolve any potential dispute of inner work or unfair execution from the projects.


NFT collectibles

The rarity of the box will be preserved from manipulation, saving the projects from hacking risk.


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